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Jax Wax Super Blue Professional Grade Exterior Solvent Based Dressing- for Tires and any Rubber, Plastic and Vinyl Trim. Easily Restores, Protects and prevents Fading, Cracking and Other Harmful UV Effects. Long Lasting - the product will not wash right off like other water-based dressings. Dries Completely - Will Not Stay Tacky After Application, is Safe and Will not Stain Painted Surfaces.

Featured Product

The Jax Wax Shield Ceramic Coating Kit- one of the most innovative product lines in the detailing industry! Jax Wax Shield offers unmatched protection to your paint while creating depth and gloss like no other product you have ever seen. This ceramic coating bonds to the paint and creates a "Shield" that protects your vehicle for 2 years!


Featured Product

Jax Wax Liquid Carnauba Wax- The Original Easy On, Easy Off Carnauba Car Wax- Creates an unmatched dazzling, reflective deep finish that enhances, protects and reconditions any kind of vehicle finish. Effortlessly wipes on and off the average size vehicle in under 30 minutes with no hazing, streaks, smears or dust - even in direct sunlight.

About Jax Wax Car Care Products

Since 1990, Jax Wax Car Care and Automotive Detailing products have been manufactured exclusively for Professional use in order to Realize Outstanding Results the First Time and Be Fast and Easy to use.

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With Atlanta Jax Wax- you'll have local access to the same high quality car care products that Jax Wax sells to their commercial customers. Plus you can get it faster with flat rate shipping in Georgia or at a Car Show Near YOU!


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